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Measles and more on Alberta Primetime.

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Unfortunately, people are more easily swayed by personal accounts and stories than they are by evidence and research. They hear “facts” from people they know, or think they know, like celebrities. It’s also hard to change the public opinion once an idea has been established. But I love what Dr. Peter Nieman said about the virulence of measles in particular and how easy it is to control and wipe out in a population with vaccines.

Nieman says that some things are just like confetti, pollution, and toothpaste—once it’s out there, it’s hard to get back—but Herd Immunity and vaccines allow us to protect the community against diseases. We want to cover as much of the population as possible, perhaps 80 or 90 percent, which then protects those who do not/cannot get the vaccine, but as soon as we drop below that number, we start seeing outbreaks.

I really encourage people to look at the data because, like Dr. Donna Wilson says, measles is one of the most easily transmitted viruses which can cause a lot of damage. Unfortunately, the groups most likely to suffer serious side effects from this disease are children too young to be vaccinated, those with suppressed immune systems, and women during pregnancy. It’s pretty much a no-brainer especially when you consider the risks to the child and the community in general. However, for parents who have autistic kids, or kids with any developmental issue, you always wonder if you could have done something different. It really is a no-win situation for them. So we definitely need to have compassion in this discussion and not isolate them for their searching for understanding or trying to protect their kids.

It’s awesome that we are smoking less. This signals that attitudes are changing in the right direction. With more education and focus on personal health (physical and mental), there is Healthy-Mind-Healthy-Body-240x200greater understanding of what goes into a healthy life. The long term effects are positive for the individual as well as their families and the community in general—less of our health-care dollars going to preventable issues and more income available for other parts of the economy. This positive trend may be that we have become a bit better at battling addiction, but a significant amount of the change also comes from prevention of the addiction in the first place. We just need to keep this attitudinal change going, like Nieman says, and expand it to other issues as well. It is important that we make sure these changes are sustainable.

Hospital Satisfaction Surveys
I think this is a good idea: let the public and the employees in the organizations know what the rating is. This gives more informed choice to the patients/customers, helps employees shop for jobs, and can really signal deeper issues in the organization that relates to patient care and safety. By making survey results public, we can tell whether there are problems at certain hospitals or if it is simply poor morale throughout the system, as Wilson suspects. You can’t have quality care of patients/customers if the workers are disgruntled or feel exploited. Customer satisfaction data should also be made public. I think there should be a standardized rating scale and questions and the scores should be absolute, like a percentage of excellence, as well as a ranking. This will help with competition in the system and encourage people to increase productivity and quality of work.

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