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Love Yourself, Get Help

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Do you know the signs of Depression? Click the pic to find out what they are.

Do you love yourself? Enough to get help when you need it?

How about loving your family and the people that count on you enough to be your best? Hopefully you use ALL the help and tools that are available to you when times get tough. There are others that we need to love too. Those that we might not even know but, they love us enough to put their lives at risk to protect us. These people are our first responders – support them and honor their sacrifice, not just when they die but the price they and their families pay for looking after the rest of us.  We have barely started 2015 and are already reporting 4 suicides among our First Responder community members. It’s tragic that anybody should feel that taking their own lives is the only way to end their pain. We have to end the stigma and start the discussion.

January 28 was Bell’s “let’s talk day” and I will be joined the CTV Edmonton Morning News Crew to start talking about Mental Illness. It may be hard for some of us to fathom that people like Clara Hughes, an accomplished Olympic Athlete, can suffer such depression that they would consider not continuing on. In an article with the Toronto Star, Clara mentions the importance of the people who look after us getting their own help so they don’t burn out and suffer too. We need them! Clara Hughes has lived to overcome the illness and the stigma. She is now a Mental Health Advocate.

Let’s end the stigma of mental illness together. Join us on January 28 for Bell Let’s Talk Day and Let’s Start Talking!

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