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The Ferrance Group Services

Dr. Ganz, along with his hand-picked and personally trained team, provides a number of options to help you.

Personal Sessions

Whether you are an individual, a couple or a family ~ getting personal attention can help make you move closer to your goal like nothing else.

Corporate Services

Master your company’s potential with team or one-on-one coaching.

Research shows a minimum of 300% return on investment for each dollar spend on personal growth and well-being for you and your team. The payback is in improved productivity, health, and relationships – both personal and professional. This is the foundation of a winning corporate culture which produces even further benefits in attracting, supporting, and retaining your company’s greatest resource – your people. Dr. Ganz and his team provide direction tailored to meet your group’s specific needs in order to reach your greatest level of achievement.

Corporate enhancement will help you and your employees become their best so that they can do their best for you and your business now and long into the future. By having your team learn how to deal with change, how to master stress in their lives, and in the workplace, how to prevent burnout, and how to create a work-life balance you will be sure to see an overall increase in performance and company morale.

Workshops & Classes

These workshops and classes are open to everyone and can also be personally tailored to fit the needs of your business, team, community organization or other group.

All sessions are one hour and are also offered in extended versions.


Whoever said “It’s all about me” was right! Who you are and your state of being has far-reaching & long-lasting consequences for everyone and everything you hold dear. Taking care of yourself is essential to productivity, health & well-being for yourself as well as those you care about.

Live with vitality & pasion while experiencing amazing creativity & success. Learn the 6 essential areas that you need to look after in order to attain long-term success both at work and at home. Greater productivity, deeper intimacy & a more balanced life can be yours with Dr. Ganz’s system that helps you truly Master your Potential!

Mastering Change

The one constant in life and in business is change. This also happens to be an area that most people tend to resist and have difficulty with. In this fun and interactive session, you will discover how to be a ‘Change Master’ and will be able to identify the hidden opportunities it contains. Gain the secrets to predicting change and acting on it before it acts on you.

Beating Burnout (for Men) & Beating Burnout (for Women)

In today’s fast paced business environment which requires everyone to do more with less, many of us find it increasingly difficult to keep all the balls that we are juggling in the air. The pressures of work and your home life can wear you out and push you to your breaking point. Learn how to neutralize stress and avoid burnout all together so that you can be healthier and continue to function optimally in all areas of your life.

This workshop can be tailored to specifically address the types of issues that uniquely effect men and women.

Mind-Body Mastery

Have you ever bought a new vehicle or electronic gadget? In order to get the most out of your new purchase it only makes sense to read the owner’s manual. Once you know a bit about how it works, what it can do and how to maintain it, you can get maximum performance and keep it working that way for a long, long time. When it comes to how we as humans function however, most of us never received the owner’s manual in the first place. Find out what makes you tick, what you are truly capable of, and how to make sure you stay in optimal working order for much longer than you ever thought possible. Get your emotions to work with you rather than randomly at best or against you at worst.

Work-Life Balance from the Inside-Out

Life is much more complicated than it used to be. With greater demands at work, and busier partners, and kids at home, you can sometimes feel stretched in opposite directions. Something has to give and it’s usually us. Discover a system to make sure you are getting what you need in order to be present for the people and projects that are important to you. In addition, learn how and when to say ‘no’ while preserving important relationships and not feeling depleted yourself.

Power Parenting

If you are like the rest of us, you didn’t receive the “Owner’s Manual” when your child arrived in your life. The truth is that parenting tends to be hit-and-miss, trial-and-error, on-the-job training that can seem overwhelming at times.

This workshop is designed to help you make sense of this incredibly important task and provide you with valuable insights, techniques and approaches that will help you raise Happy, Healthy, Confident and Successful Kids no matter what stage of parenting (or grand-parenting) you find yourself in.

Let Dr. Ganz help make your life easier as a parent while giving you and your kids the relationship success you both desire.

Connect Before You Collect

In business and sales customers respond best to people they feel comfortable around and connected with. Discover the simple secrets to put people at ease and dramatically increase your influence with those important to you (this includes your kids and partner). Become the kind of person (or organization) that people can’t help but tell their friends about because they had such a positive “customer service” experience.


We also offer groups focusing on building better relaitonships, enhanced communication, personal gropwth and performance, goal planning and achievement as well as other topics.